Better than it looked back in the day

Have a car that’s been sitting in your yard for far too long, promising yourself and your family that one day, you’ll restore it for some special event or occasion?

The bad news is that this often takes a lot of hard work and even more time and money when doing it by yourself. The good news is that with car restoration specialists such as Taylor’s, we can work within your budget and time constraints to restore your vehicle to the way it once was, and ready to take it back out onto the road.

Don’t put car restoration off any longer.

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What we do

  • Strip
  • Dismantle
  • Repair
  • Prime
  • Paint
  • Reassemble
  • Finalise

We also have industry connections that can take care of other parts of the restoration, such as upholstery, engine rebuilding and much more.

Within reason, we’ll work within your budget and timeframe to deliver a result that meets your car restoration expectations.

How it works

  1. Get in touch with us over the phone, email, Facebook or face-to-face and tell us about what you need. Having the vehicle in question with you is a must, however if you can’t get it to our workshop, bring photos, or alternatively we can organise to come out to see you within a few days.
  2. Because restoring a car is a labour of love, but a labour none the less. We charge our repairs at our agreed upon hourly rate.
  3. At any point in the process, you are more than welcome to visit our workshop to check up on the process, or alternatively, download our app to get regular updates on your phone.
  4. As we finish sections of your car restoration, we will incrementally bill for works completed. This way you can choose to continue or stop at any point you feel comfortable

Car restoration has never been this easy.

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